Castle Hiidenlinna is completely unique medieval stone castle in Kalevala-inspired environment. Castle is local artist Reino Koivuniemi conceived and built by himselves. In the 1990s completed construction yard were already includes a number of handmade reliefs and very special details. 


Giant's castle has already been open for bublic since 1991.




SUMMER 2015:

New adventure park and Alpine Ski-museum are now open! 


SUMMER 2014:

Taverna restaurant downstairs opens and new terrace for the summer outdoor café 


Getting activities for children, among others. Troll Forest, bouncy castle, etc. .. 


Exhibitions by renowned artists 


Souvenirs for sale and more to see 

Giant's castle is renewed and developed more all the time, follow the information provided here.



Hiidenlinna is OPEN for public:

Minimun group of 20 people. Group visit needs to be booked in advance.

Price for groups is 14€/ person including coffee and donut.

Fill the form under.



Opening hours at Summer:

Please call 0600418704


THE VISITING PRICE IS 12€ (Babies 0-2 years free) 


ADVENTURE PARK PRICE IS 24€ (children under 6years with adult)


The Castle Hiidenlinna – one man’s wonder


The Castle Hiidenlinna is lifework of artist Reino Koivuniemi and is the only castle built in Finland on 20th century. The castle is named by old finnish myths and each floor by ancient gods.


Construction started in 1988. 60 cm thick body is made of ferroconcrete. Reino mixed all 1500 sack of concrete himself. It took 200 cubics of concrete to make one 9 meter high tower. He set natural stones on concrete one by one, even ones weighing 70 kg.


Reino lathed beams for the ceilings and set them by the shape of square. Tower tops made of log were carved on ground and lifted up as whole.


The castle opened for public in 1991 but construction continued.


First floor is called “Maahinen” and introduces the following Reino’s artwork:

“Vara Manu” – inspired by former president Mauno Koivisto, 90 year old female spruce, world’s biggest “kuksa” and world’s biggest knife on which famous visitors have carved their names on.

You can  also find the dungeon of the castle there which nowadays serves as souvenir shop.


In second floor “Hiidensali” you can find relief “Hiiden kansa” (the people of Hiisi) which took five years to carve. In this floor you can also find billiard board and many other fascinating artwork.


Third  floor “Tapion parvi” was finished in 1992 and is now at private use.


Due to the change of ownership in the beginning of year 2014 the castle has been renovated extensively. New café has been opened. Enjoy refreshments and beautiful scenery on sunny terrace. There is also a bouncing place for the children to enjoy and a trail in the wood where they can find fairy tale figures. The Castle offers also a variety of art exhibitions.





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