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Area ticket 22

Children under 2 years for free.

Area fee includes:

Hiidenlinna ( Hiidenlinna castle )

Small Zoo

Santa's Land with reindeers

cable bridges

Trails in the nature



Art around the area

Toilets and cafeteria

Activities for the children: bouncy castle-area, Skate-/scoot ramp, trampoline, the Giant...

No dogs to the area.

Adventure Park 32

Chidren (2-5 yrs.) with an adult caretaker cost only the Area ticket 22€. 

Area ticket is included at the Adventure Park ticket.

At Adventure Park you need a pair of gloves. Bring your own ( not wooly ) or you can buy them for 4€. Shoes are also a must have and something better than Crocks or sandals.

Entrance must be completed  1h before closing time and

Adventure Park equipments must be returned 15min before closing time. Last starts for the tracks must be done 30min before the closing time.

Max. weight 130kg.

No dogs to the area.

Buggy-Karting 15 €

2 km of driving a Buggy Cart.

Course-fee 15€ incl. three laps on the course.

There are buggys from juniors to seniors. Co-Driver 5€.  Check the courses opening hours from HERE!

Carting is closed at heavy-rain conditions. 

A Driver must understand and obey the rules given. 

We have the right to deny driving if understanding is not clear.

Area ticket or adventure park ticket is required!

A free course for child 2-5 yrs.


Web cam Hiidenlinna.png


Made by an artist Reino Koivuniemi. Strong built stone castle is standing in a very finnish lake view. This special castle is welcoming you to enjoy hand-made-art and a lot of special details for example biggest knife in Finland (500kg.)

"How is this possible?" is very common question in Hiidenlinna.


Adventure Park at Hiidenlinna. Nine courses from very easy to one of the hardest course in Finland. Zip-lines, climbing sections, walls, sled-ride, Tarzan-Jump etc.

Come and spend an active day at Sisumetsä!

There's also Bouncing castles, Trampoline, Skate-/scoot ramp, Pumptrack, a small zoo, lapland area and A Giant 15m view point etc.

Picture gallery!

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