Made by an artist Reino Koivuniemi. Strong built stone castle is standing in a very finnish lake view. This special castle is welcoming you to enjoy hand-made-art and a lot of special details for example biggest knife in Finland (500kg.)

"How is this possible?" is very common question in Hiidenlinna.


Adventure Park at Hiidenlinna. Seven courses from very easy to one of the hardest course in Finland. Zip-lines, climbing sections, walls, sled-ride, Tarzan-Jump etc.

Come and spend an active day at Sisumetsä!

Hiidenharjuntie 61

31470 Somerniemi

Monta upeaa kohdetta kerralla!

Hiidenlinna ja Sisumetsän 

Seikkailupuisto. Jättiläinen 15m.,

Buggy-Carting, Peikkometsä, pomppulinnamaailma ja grillikahvio, sekä paljon muuta. Tervetuloa!

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